Once I figured this out Social Media went from a Time/Money Suck to a Goldmine...

Learn the Insider's Secret to Becoming the Most Valuable Person in any Facebook Group in 15 Minutes a Day

Build a highly targeted audience in as little as 60 days even if you currently have zero followers and never been successful in any online business! 

A small highly targeted audience is all you need to make a great living. Without an audience you could be in danger of losing a fortune. 

Facebook ads are costly and spending time posting to your friends wastes massive amounts of time. So why bother! 

You could focus your time becoming the MVP in a targeted group. You'll make money rather than spend it. You'll invest time instead of waste it. 

Imagine Having A Powerful Strategy for FB Groups...

  • Discover how a Group MVP generates $10,000's in revenue annually with 15 minutes a day
  • The secret that adds to your audience everyday highly targeted and highly responsive potential buyers
  • The 15 minute "workout" that leads to Gold
  • Why building an audience is far more beneficial than paying for traffic
  • 10X your chances of showing up in searches using this one grossly underused trick
  • The one secret that if you blow this will destroy your efforts completely 

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About Eric

With a twenty-five year career in sales training, combined with a ten year teaching stint, and a proficiency in eLearning platforms, Eric brings a unique wealth of experience to all of his trainings.

Eric’s education is in Communication with a focus on Education and Behavioral Psychology. He holds certifications in all types of Behavioral Assessments including DiSC, MBTI, T-JTA, and JOBS, as well as E-Myth coaching, and a certified training program developer and quiz coach. 

What People Are Saying

Eric Mulford is a class act and one of the finest gentlemen I've ever encountered! If you need help in any aspect of your business, life, connect with Eric

Ed Colebeck - Territory Sales Manager at UnitedHealth Group

Eric is one of the best trainers I have had the privilege to work with and to learn from. He has a great way of motivating and teaching. The greatest thing about Eric is his commitment to and encouragement of other business men and women.

Jon Hackett - Leadership Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Mediation and Reconciliation Specialist

There are few people in the online space that have the heart and mind to truly help and mentor - Eric is the cream of them all!

Walt Nigh - Entrepreneur

I've spent six years in the Marines, 15 years in the Fortune 1000 and fifteen years as a successful entrepreneur. In all that time, I can count on one hand the number of people that I would blindly follow up a hill - Eric is one of them. A soft spoken generous people-oriented person, Eric shepherds people steadfastly toward personal success thereby ensuring the success of the team and, ultimately, of the organization. They don't come any better than him.

Deryck Jones - CEO Leatherneck Tech 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any upsells? 

No. The Value Pyramid is a great complimentary product and is offered within the product pages. Eric has been teaching this simple path from markets to profits for years. It has been used across multiple industries and various levels of management. It's the secret sauce of connecting the path to profits. 

How is the content delivered? 

Group MVP is delivered in a membership course. I prefer this method of elearning as opposed to offering an ebook. You can bite off small chunks of learning at a time. With the click of a mouse you have everything at your fingertips without feeling overwhelmed. 

Are there other courses or programs that I can take to build on the MVP course that will enhance my skills? 

Yes, in the next few weeks we will be releasing Building Your Expertise which is the perfect supplement to the MVP program. Following that will be the release of Beast Mode Marketing which takes the MVP program to greater heights and bigger audiences. MVP focuses on creating that initial audience. Beast Mode Marketing will explore every whitehat marketing method possible for every niche. 

What if I don't like the course or think it will be of no value to me? ​

We don't anticipate that happening, but in the event that it should. We ask that you please explain your dissatisfaction and give us an opportunity to make it right with other product or service rather than the costs associated with refunding less than $30.   

Grab Become the MVP TODAY!


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